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International Career Resource Center




Build Skills For An International Career...
Western Kentucky University offers tips on preparing for an international career,

Career Reference Collection – International Careers (Indian University Bloomington) " Do you dream of living in Chicago and jetting off to Japan or Germany for meetings? Does your idea of the perfect job involve living in Paris? Or would you like to take your skills and knowledge to a country which really needs you? The Career Reference Collection has both books and Web sites on how to find such a job and obtain the necessary visas."

Duke University International Careers Page
" Each year, the interest in seeking international post-graduation and summer opportunities has grown among Duke students. Some seek jobs in the U.S. which allow them to develop their international interests, while others seek jobs overseas. Some seek language and cultural experiences only, while others seek to develop career-related skills in an international setting. Some seek an interim work experience abroad before attending graduate school or entering the U.S. job market, while others seek a long-term overseas assignment as part of an international career. The process of searching for an international job is difficult and frustrating. The information herein is designed to help you maximize your time and minimize your frustration throughout the search process by suggesting programs, resources and strategies that have been helpful to earlier classes of Duke students seeking international opportunities."

Employment Opportunities Abroad
From the International Reference Desk of the International Student Center at San Diego State University.

International Career Resources
Overseas Jobs On The Internet & University Career Sites.

International Career Resources: A Public Service Of The Global & International Studies Program, University of California at Santa Barbara
A useful site offering step-by-step guidance to the student.

International Careers Bibliography by the Monterrey Institute of International Studies - Union College provides this invaluable link.

International Opportunities - University of Texas at Austin

A variety of helpful links.

Job Listing Sites – International - University of California, Berkeley
Sites from around the world.

Southwestern University's Career Services
Valuable links to job sources and techniques for getting jobs.

Work Abroad: Americans of Color Abroad - University of Michigan
Americans of color are increasingly moving into the international arena. Opportunities for study abroad, work abroad, and international careers all beckon. In areas such as international diplomacy and business, overseas partners of the United States welcome official representatives who personally symbolize the diversity of America. Today there are international opportunities as never before for Americans of color.

Geert Hofstede InterCultural Business Issues


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International careers have long been the path up the corporate ladder.


In earlier years, these positions included substantial benefits, both financial and personal, with first class travel, unlimited expense accounts, and free time to enjoy the local culture.


However, today's overseas assignments typically bring long hours, minimal economic reward, and coach class travel.


However, the reward of upward mobility within the corporate world continues to draw young executives to the lure of a global assignment.


However, there are many considerations a person should review before accepting an international position.


It is the objective of this Web Site to help guide the prospective global businessperson to resources that should assist in making effective decisions.

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